Changes in 1.5.3

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Main Additions / Changes

  • Significantly reorganized build system
  • Major code cleanups
  • Fixed multiple popular crashes
  • Improved streaming of low LOD objects and increased limits
  • Updated many dependencies
  • Added support for German Steam version of GTASA (thanks to Lakota, Mario and @Sh4dowReturns)




Shared (Client & Server side)


Client: Additions

  • Enabled code signing for CEFLauncher.exe to improve anti virus software compatibility
  • Added client resource files path info to Advanced tab
  • MTA uses the native resolution by default now
  • Security tweaks
  • Added support for objects and weapons in ped damage events (thanks to lopezloo)
  • Added option for addDebugHook to skip event/functions
  • onClientVehicleStartEnter is now cancellable if the local player is entering the vehicle
  • Water elements are now limited to a specific dimension
  • Made Lua clear loaded files automatically when dereferenced
  • Tweaked CEF performance significantly
  • Improve linux compatibility

Client: Bugfixes & Changes

  • Removed VS2008 redistributable from installer as it is no longer required
  • Fixed setBrowserAjaxHandler breaking JSON decoding (thanks to mabako)
  • Updated CEF
  • Tweaked optimus detection
  • Added missing model name for model 6458
  • Fixed LOD object issues (see
  • Fixed colshape related crashes (thanks to lopezloo)
  • Tweaked logic of client resource file validation
  • Fixed setBrowserVolume not muting the sound correctly on some websites e.g. YouTube
  • Fixed client incorrectly handling 'no' answer to recommended update question
  • Fixed self-created water becoming invisible sometimes (thanks to lopezloo)
  • Fixed setCameraTarget calculation (thanks to lex128)
  • Fixed getCommandsBoundToKey incorrectly handling keys sometimes (thanks to Necktrox)
  • Fixed sniper scope disappearing after killing a ped (thanks to lopezloo)
  • Fixed team members not fully synced until re-set by setPlayerTeam or respawn
  • Fixed MTA sometimes not loading custom textures
  • Deprecated showPlayerHudComponent
  • Fixed redirectPlayer with an empty host logging ambiguously
  • Fixed a 1-frame lag of attachElements
  • Changed setElementFrozen to not recreate the object
  • Fixed desktop resolution when minimizing with fullscreen borderless window mode
  • Disabled CEF plugins (e.g. Flash Player)
  • Fixed CEF popups (e.g. <select> boxes) not being rendered correctly
  • Fixed MTA slowly updating position of attached elements


Server: Additions

  • Added icon for the Windows server
  • Added server logging for redirectPlayer
  • Added 8 byte integer support for varargs database queries
  • Added option to block server admins who login with an unrecognized serial

Server: Bugfixes & Changes

  • Fixed compatibility issues on older CPU architectures
  • Fixed modules being broken for some revisions
  • Removed warnings for .png files with JPEG contents
  • Changed remaining <min_mta_version> errors to warnings
  • Changed server private IP error to a warning
  • Fixed dbPoll returning early when timeout is used
  • Fixed a connecting player being able to block resources from starting
  • Fixed server crash when using db* functions during onDebugMessage event
  • Fixed onElementStopSync not being triggered when player disconnects
  • Fixed Fire Extinguisher not triggering onPedWasted
  • Fixed getMarkerIcon returning the marker type
  • Fixed protected resources being stoppable
  • Fixed aclReload reverting recently scripted ACL changes


  • Race: Fixed parameters in 'onGamemodeMapStop' event (thanks to PhrozenByte)
  • Adminpanel: Added unban dates to bans and allowed defining custom ban times for offline bans (thanks to Dutchman101)
  • Runcode: Improved support for return statements
  • Runcode: Added hidden me variable
  • Missiontimer: Fixed events triggering when client is not ready (thanks to Einheit-101)


  • Added map backups
  • Enabled OOP support in EDF scripreader (thanks to PhrozenByte)

Extra information

More detailed information available on Bug tracker Changelog and GitHub repositories: