Changes in 1.5.4

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Main Additions / Changes

  • Security tweaks for both server and client
  • Enabled Authorized Serial Protection by default
  • Code refactoring and improvements to our build system (also added Clang support)



Shared (Client & Server side)


Client: Additions

Client: Bugfixes & Changes

  • Corona markers should now have a correct attach offset position (thanks to lopezloo)
  • Fixed very lage radar areas not being visible (thanks to ZReC)
  • Disabled CEF sandbox due to problems (might be re-enabled soon)
  • Updated CEF and other 3rd party dependencies
  • Fixes for some crashes and improvements for error handling for installation and startup issues
  • Removed max password length limit for server account passwords (thanks to 4O4)
  • Improved multi-monitor support in windowed fullscreen mode
  • Improved performance of dxGetPixelsSize
  • Tweaked joystick support
  • Fixed playSound not supporting unicode in URLs
  • Increased default max streaming memory


Server: Additions

  • Added fakelag command
  • Added option to allow locally modified (gta3.img) vehicles

Server: Bugfixes & Changes

  • Enabled Authorized Serial Account Protection by default
  • Enabled Database Credentials Protection by default
  • Fixes for weapons/fists desync
  • SQLite or MySQL no longer makes the server freeze if the connection is lost
  • Goggles no longer stay after player was killed (thanks to ArranTuna)
  • Fixed console input via pipe on Windows
  • Added option "-u" to server command line to disable stdout buffering (useful for screenlog)


  • Added new special detections to acpanel
  • Added anti-command spam to freeroam (thanks to dutchman101)
  • Fixed vehicle kills not being displayed properly (thanks to ArranTuna)
  • Fixed abusable glitch in /anim command in freeroam (thanks to dutchman101)
  • Added graceful exitting to webbrowser
  • Fixed run commands overwritng 'results' global variable in runcode


  • Disabled breathing sounds

Extra information

More detailed information available on Bug tracker Changelog and GitHub repositories: