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This event is triggered when a player starts entering a vehicle. Once the entering animation completes, onClientVehicleEnter is triggered.


player thePlayer, int seat, int door
  • thePlayer: the player that just started entering a vehicle.
  • seat: the number of the seat he is going to sit on.
  • door: An integer of which door the player used (0-3). 0 is driver side door, 1 is front passenger, 2 is back left, 3 is back right.


The source of this event is the vehicle the player is entering.

Cancel effect

This event can be canceled, but only for the local player, they will not begin to the enter the vehicle.


This example outputs if the local player is about to enter the drivers seat.

addEventHandler("onClientVehicleStartEnter", root, function(player,seat,door)
	if (player == localPlayer and seat == 0)then
		outputChatBox("You are going to sit in the drivers seat.")

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