Changes in 1.3.2

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MTA:SA Version Changelogs
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Main Additions / Changes


New Functions

New Events

Changes / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed setElementFrozen killing players from falls
  • Fixed textures disappearing and flickering at certain camera angles
  • Fixed high CPU usage when minimized and not connected
  • Integrated downgrader/patcher into the MTA installer
  • More fixes for engineless NRG-500
  • Fixed crashes on disconnect / reconnect
  • Fixed crashes when using setFarClipDistance
  • Fixed chinese characters in chat freezing the game
  • Fixed FarClipDistance reseting each respawn
  • Fixed setFarClipDistance messing with water drawing
  • Added an interior argument (optional) to removeWorldModel and restoreWorldModel
  • Fixed an issue when ped rotation while in air goes opposite direction by adding conformPedAirRotation argument to setElementRotation
  • Added work around to prevent server nitro adds cutting off recent client nitro adds
  • Fixed blank lines in the client console sometimes
  • Fixed launching issues with Steam
  • Added heat haze setting
  • Fixed crashes when getting combobox item text sometimes
  • Made onClientChatMessage cancelable
  • Fixed owning resource for client peds and water
  • Fixed custom collisions preventing normal collisions of other models from loading correctly
  • Fixed a bug when double-clicking on another server from server browser list while connecting to a server makes the game exit to desktop
  • Fixed crash when destroying the source of onClientColShapeHit event
  • Fixed an error with setVehicleSirens
  • Conformed client console log date format to ISO 8601
  • Fixed custom dx-fonts not working on Windows 8
  • Prevented loading splash disappearing too early
  • Fixed readable depth buffer not working with anti-aliasing
  • Improved performance of readable depth buffer/AA fix - Details: Depth buffer
  • Added more settings to dxGetStatus
  • Reduced chance of message boxes being obscured by other windows
  • Fixed not working crouching with vehicle extrapolation
  • Fixed startup issue with an exe version that someone gave support desk
  • Fixed stuck voice problem
  • Fixed onClientPlayerVoiceStop not working properly
  • Fixed occasional invalid return value from getEasingValue
  • Added color coded argument to dxGetTextWidth
  • Main menu items 'Map Editor'/'Host Game' now will ask if player want to disconnect from current server
  • Added proper axis support on controllers
  • Fixed hitElement parameter working incorrectly with shotgun in onClientPlayerWeaponFire
  • Fixed and re-enabled setPedWalkingStyle
  • Added ped vertex shader support
  • Fixed engineGetModelTextureNames for CJ model
  • Small memory optimization for the server browser
  • Fixed guiGetEnabled and guiGetVisible for tabs
  • Fixed binds that were attached directly to controls getting reset when loading default binds in settings
  • Fixed getVehicleType with trailers returning empty string client-side
  • Fixed chat messages not updating while a map download is in progress
  • Fixed server browser disabled tab option
  • Added cached info for server browser favourites
  • Fixed startup issues
  • Make setObjectScale accept 1 scale value for each axis
  • Fixed not properly working client's console logging
  • Fixed readable depth buffer not working on some graphic cards
  • Fixed object scale crash
  • Refixed scaled objects not being rendered when the unscaled bounding box goes off-screen
  • Made it able to set velocity on (dynamic) objects
  • Fixed radararea not functioning when using negative numbers for dimensions
  • Improved frozen process detection
  • Fixed client quit issue
  • Fixed quit crash when connection history drop-down is visible
  • Fixed input settings inconsistencies
  • Added vertical aim sensitivity setting
  • Fixed guiGetSelectedTab crash after removing a tab
  • Added target position as alternative to setCameraTarget
  • Added process priority setting
  • Improved installer
  • Fixed PNG files with alpha channel sometimes being all black
  • Added car number plates, road sign text, CJ body parts and unnamed textures to engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture
  • Added some BASS API functions to voice - Details: Google Code
  • Added clothing component textures to engineImportTXD
  • Reduced stutter/lags on big maps
  • Fixed depth buffer shaders not working right with mirrors
  • Fixed client crash after login and spawn
  • Added ability to turn off sounds when MTA:SA is minimized
  • Sped up deletion of certain client element types
  • Enhanced quality on usage of non-power of two image sizes for dxDrawImage
  • Added bitwise operator functions
  • Added a record for when a player connects to a server
  • Added alphaTransparency argument to engineReplaceModel
  • Fixed a server browser crash
  • Added 'showframegraph' command for displaying frame timings
  • Added 'sinfo' command to output server info
  • Fixed freeze on connect
  • Fixed isObjectBreakable returning wrong values sometimes
  • Added the model id as an alternative parameter to isObjectBreakable
  • Fixed vehicles losing velocity on race respawn


New Functions

New Events

  • None yet

Changes / Bug Fixes

  • Added crash handler for Linux (It outputs log files in dumps/)
  • Added account name to whowas command
  • Added an interior argument (optional) to removeWorldModel and restoreWorldModel
  • Fixed an issue when ped rotation while in air goes opposite direction by adding conformPedAirRotation argument to setElementRotation
  • Added auto generation of correct min_mta_version to 'upgrade' command
  • Changed 'upgrade' and 'check' commands to also work on single resources
  • Fixed file download not working on some servers
  • Added network filter option
  • Fixed server crash when deleting element in onResourceStop
  • Same serial now can't be banned more than once
  • Fixed fixdb problems
  • Fixed an error with setVehicleSirens
  • Fixed getVehicleSirensOn returning a nil value
  • Fixed double collisions when changing marker type
  • Added 3 new special detections - Details: mtaserver.conf -> enablesd
  • Fixed 'suppress' option in dbConnect
  • Added access to a couple of dbConnect logging settings
  • Tweaked ASE port usage
  • Added cpu core stats for Linux server
  • Changed account passwords to use salted sha256
  • Fixed issue when element is destroyed client sided when created and parent set in different resource than the parent
  • Sped up accounts upgrade
  • Fixed target range, accuracy and weapon range
  • Fixed setRuleValue crash
  • Fixed the client-side scripts "protected" attribute not working on Linux servers
  • Fixed occasional crash when empty filename used for some functions
  • Fixed a problem where onResourceStart is not triggered for the root element when using startResource from inside a (root attached) event handler
  • Added resource name and bandwidth usage to function performance stats
  • Added latency_reduction option to mtaserver.conf
  • Fixed and re-enabled setPedWalkingStyle
  • Fixed setElementDimension not working on children
  • Added "shared" script type to meta.xml
  • Decreased CPU usage by speeding up event lookups
  • Fixed visibleTo argument not checking for errors in outputChatBox
  • Tidied ASE functionality
  • Fixed Windows server HTTP download compression (for fetchRemote)
  • Fixed client using HTTP download compression
  • Fixed vehicle extrapolation camera smoothness when viewing remote vehicles
  • Updated server performance stats
  • Fixed Linux core number in stats
  • Slightly sped up server startup
  • Fixed trailers desync
  • Fixed train desync
  • Synchronized ped traffic light
  • Fixed markers created by .map-files having wrong colshapes
  • Added process memory to performance stats
  • Fixed server 'per player entity' crash
  • Fixed warpPedIntoVehicle after cancelEvent of onVehicleStartEnter causing network trouble
  • Added 'hitanim' glitch to setGlitchEnabled (shot hit animation)
  • Added server setting to change syncer distances
  • Added server multiple IP support
  • Fixed xmlFindChild after xmlSetNodeValue causing a crash
  • Fixed getPedTotalAmmo not returning the correct values


  • [fallout] Fixed freecam locks
  • [scoreboard] Added support for data to be drawn as image - Details: Google Code
  • [voice] Added 'mutevoice' and 'unmutevoice' commands for players to mute other players permanently - Details: Google Code
  • [admin] Added custom ban duration when banning player via GUI
  • [admin] Added ability to delete resource in 'Resources' tab (new ACL right 'command.delete')
  • [admin] Added ability to stop all resources in 'Resources' tab
  • [admin] More informations about resources now showing in 'Resources' tab
  • [admin] Added ability to shutdown the server in 'Server' tab
  • [admin] Changing vehicle's color now supports new RGB system, color is picked using color picker
  • [admin] Vehicle's lights color can now be changed
  • [admin] Server FPS Limit can now be changed in 'Server' tab
  • [webadmin] Added 'Players' tab where you can kick/ban players on server
  • [ipb] Added Ingame Performance Browser - Details: Google Code
  • [votemanager] Fixed an error when votemanager can't start votekick, votekill or voteban, if the player, who we want to vote, name contains 1 character
  • [race] Added editor visualization of checkpoint connections
  • [admin] Added ability to view players' screen


  • Fixed 'Locked Time' option resetting
  • Reduced the size of map files
  • Fixed some settings not resetting when you start a new map after working in another
  • Fixed weapon model changes to 1337 after saving/loading some times
  • Fixed problem with invalid editor_dump
  • Fixed not loading objects properly when a vehicle position attribute isn't saved
  • Added ability to remove world objects in editor
  • Added ability to include low LOD models for some objects
  • Map Editor won't remove script lines in meta.xml

Extra information

More detailed information available on Bug tracker Changelog and Google Code repositories: