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Main Additions / Changes

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These are some statistics since the previous release.

  • This is the 23rd 1.x.x release, released 6.9.2018
  • 334 days
  • 40 new functions
  • 2 new events
  • 5 deprecations
  • 100+ bug fixes and changes
  • 461 commits (see comparison)
  • 83 new open Mantis issues
  • 60 resolved Mantis issues
  • 500 closed Mantis issues
  • 88 new open GitHub issues (see list)
  • 15 resolved GitHub issues (see list)
  • 15 closed GitHub issues (see list)
  • 29 new open GitHub pull requests (see list)
  • 90 merged GitHub pull requests (see list)
  • 35 closed GitHub pull requests (see list)
  • 28 contributors of which 13 are new (see list)
  • 55 total contributors (see list)
  • 6 vendor updates



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19 New Functions

3 New Arguments & Parameters

16+ Bugfixes & Changes


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11 New Functions

2 New Events

2 Deprecations

2 New Arguments & Parameters

9+ Bugfixes & Changes

Shared (Client & Server side)

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10 New Functions

3 Deprecations

3 New Arguments & Parameters

8+ Bugfixes & Changes


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5 Additions

  • Updated and added translations for various languages, including Bulgarian, Indonesian and Chinese (Traditional)
  • Enable switching camera view mode for trains (GitHub #125 by ZReC)
  • Added full axis option to joystick bindings
  • Added master volume setting to audio settings (Mantis 0009896)
  • Added reloadnews command for developers

31 Bugfixes & Changes

  • Fixed problems when using a controller with more than 7 axis
  • Restore default exhaust fumes position when disconnecting
  • Fix vehicle radio sometimes won't play
  • Fixed incorrect path in guiCreateStaticImage error message
  • Fixed dxGetTextWidth returns wrong width of text (Mantis 0009745)
  • Fixed some minor memory leaks
  • Improved client fetchRemote reliability
  • Fixed dxGetStatus().SettingWindowed sometimes being incorrect
  • Averted one type of igdumd32.dll crash
  • Added help dialog for crash at offset 003C51A8 (Corrupt anim hierarchy)
  • Fixed client crash caused by invalid blip icon
  • Fix animation getting stuck after carjack
  • Restore console input focus after guiMoveToBack
  • Fixed client crash caused by destroying markers during hit/leave events
  • Fixed shaders sometimes losing default values
  • Fixed console displays an error message when pressing the key of a disabled MTA control (Mantis 0009166)
  • Fixed error when loading certain jpeg files with unicode Windows username
  • Fixed engineLoadDFF/TXD raw buffer not being deallocated after import
  • Fixed 100% CPU usage while using the debugscript command and having the chat text black/white outline setting enabled
  • Fixed crash caused by calling client-side setPlayerNametagShowing with a ped
  • Fixed crash caused by passing empty string to requestBrowserDomains crashes client (Mantis 0009844)
  • Fixed several additional crashes
  • Fixed issues with wearing a jetpack, choking or using animations at the same time (Mantis 0009522)
  • Freezing a ped wearing jetpack will no longer remove the jetpack automatically
  • Port is now an optional parameter for the connect command, defaults to 22003 (Mantis 0007047)
  • Typing the connect command will no longer disconnect until all parameters have been checked (Mantis 0007047)
  • Removed the built-in whowas command (Mantis 0006722)
  • Added native language names

3 Vendor Updates

  • Update BASS and sound-related dependencies
  • Update CEF to 3.3440.1805.gbe070f9 (Chromium 68.0.3440.84)
  • Update libpng to 1.6.35


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3 Additions

11 Bugfixes & Changes

  • Fix for some cases of internal.db access errors
  • Fix server crashing when using the upgrade command (Mantis 0009530)
  • Fix crash in account manager
  • Fix callRemote call without queueName failing
  • Excluded non-joined players from calls to getAlivePlayers and getDeadPlayers
  • Fix self-compiled server crash on callRemote (Mantis 0009787)
  • Fix server crash on server-window resize
  • Server query fix for networks which block 1 byte UDP packets
  • Remove fully deprecated functions from acl.xml and add new missing ones (Mantis 0005701)
  • spawnPlayer wouldn't always set the rotation if an object was near the spawn point (Mantis 0008540)

1 Vendor Update


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2 Bugfixes & Changes

  • Fixed curl not requesting compressed datum
  • Fix cloned elements not getting removed on resource stop

2 Vendor Updates


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  • [admin] Added ban search feature to Bans tab
  • [admin] Fixed gridlist sorting bug (contents getting corrupted/mangled up)
  • [admin] Improved logging of responsible admin (any type of change to ACL through panel, details on actions like unbanning)
  • [admin] Miscellaneous fixes: resizing ban details window (and extended its size for longer serials), broken Anonymous admin kicks, updated flags
  • [admin] Added copy serial to ban details tab in Bans and enabled doubleclicking on a row to open that view
  • [freeroam] Added player nick search (filtering) to F1 warp window
  • [freeroam] Fixed vehicle label/controls disappearing randomly while in a vehicle
  • [freeroam] Fixed some recurring client debug warnings
  • [scoreboard] Added countryflags to TAB
  • [traffic] Removed the traffic resource from official resources package due to it's inefficiency, size and bloatedness


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  • Added sirens option and fixed plate
  • Added a Favourites category under All categories in element browser
  • Added sirens state option for mapped vehicles and fixed plate text

Extra Information

More detailed information available on our Mantis Bug Tracker changelog and GitHub repositories: