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This event is triggered when a player starts to enter a vehicle. This event can be used to cancel entry, if necessary.


player enteringPlayer, int seat, player jacked, int door
  • enteringPlayer: a player element representing the player who is starting to enter a vehicle.
  • seat: an int representing the seat in which the player is entering.
  • jacked: a player element representing who is going to be jacked.
  • door: an int of which door the player used (0-3). 0 is driver side door, 1 is front passenger, 2 is back left, 3 is back right.


The source of this event is the vehicle in which a player began to enter.


If this event is canceled, the player will not enter the vehicle.


This example blocks a player out of a police vehicle if he is not a policeman.

policeVehicles = { [598]=true,[596]=true,[597]=true,[599]=true }
policeSkins = { [280]=true,[281]=true,[282]=true,[283]=true,[284]=true,[285]=true,[286]=true }

function enterVehicle ( player, seat, jacked ) --when a player enters a vehicle
    if ( policeVehicles[getElementModel(source)] ) and ( not policeSkins[getElementModel(player)] ) then --if the vehicle is one of 4 police cars, and the skin is not a police skin
        outputChatBox ( "Only policeman can enter police cars!", player ) --and tell the player why
addEventHandler ( "onVehicleStartEnter", getRootElement(), enterVehicle ) --add an event handler for onVehicleStartEnter

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