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This function is used to create a new dummy element in the element tree which do not necessarily represent an entity within the San Andreas world. A common use for this function is for creating custom elements, such as a Flag or a Base.

Elements created using this function are placed in the element tree with their parent as the 'dynamic' map element.


element createElement ( string elementType, [ string elementID = nil ] )

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Method: Element(...)

Required Arguments

  • elementType: The type of element being created.

Optional Arguments

  • elementID: The ID of the element being created.


Returns the element if it was successfully created. Returns false if the arguments are wrong.


This example creates a "flag" element, named "blue", which will be at the resource's dynamic map.

blueTeamFlag = createElement( "flag", "blue" )

Except for it being placed in a different map root, that line will have the same effect as having this in a .map file:

<flag id="blue" />

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