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This function allows you to retrieve the dimension of any element. The dimension determines what/who the element is visible to.


int getElementDimension ( element theElement )

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Method: element:getDimension(...)
Variable: .dimension
Counterpart: setElementDimension

Required Arguments

  • theElement: The element in which you'd like to retrieve the dimension of.


Returns an integer for the dimension if theElement is valid, false otherwise.


This example puts all vehicles with drivers in dimension 1, while all other vehicles are in dimension 0. This would have the effect of making on-foot players invisible to drivers, and vice versa. It'd also make entering a vehicle as passenger after the driver has entered impossible, as the vehicle would appear to vanish to any on foot players.

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function onPlayerEnterVehicle ( theVehicle, seat, jacked )
    if ( getElementDimension ( source ) == 0 and seat == 0 ) then -- if the player is in dimension 0 and is entering the driver seat
        setElementDimension ( source, 1 )     -- set his dimension to 1
        setElementDimension ( theVehicle, 1 ) -- set his vehicle's dimension to 1 as well
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerVehicleEnter", root, onPlayerEnterVehicle )

function onPlayerExitVehicle ( theVehicle, seat, jacker )
    if ( getElementDimension ( source ) == 1 and seat == 0 ) then -- if the player is in dimension 1 and was in the driver's seat
        setElementDimension ( source, 0 )     -- set his dimension back to 0
        setElementDimension ( theVehicle, 0 ) -- set his vehicle's dimension back to 0 as well
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerVehicleExit", root, onPlayerExitVehicle )

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