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This checks if an element is visible to a player. This does not check if the player can literally see the element, just that they are aware that it exists. Some so-called per-player elements are able to be visible only to some players, as such this checks if this is the case for a particular element/player combination.


bool isElementVisibleTo ( element theElement, element visibleTo )          

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Method: element:isVisibleTo(...)
Counterpart: setElementVisibleTo

Required Arguments

  • theElement: The element you want to check the visibility of
  • visibleTo: The player you want to check against


Returns true if element is visible to the specified player, false if not or an invalid argument was passed to the function.


This checks if the player is visible to them selves.

     if not isElementVisibleTo(source,source) then --if the player is not visible to them selves
          setElementVisibleTo(source,source,true) --then make them visible to them selves.

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