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This function retrieves the amount of ammo in a weapon pickup.


int getPickupAmmo ( pickup thePickup )         

Required Arguments

  • thePickup: The pickup in which you wish to retrieve the ammo of


Returns an integer of the amount of ammo in the pickup, false if the pickup element is invalid, 0 if it's no weapon pickup.


This example outputs a message with the picked up weapon and ammo to the player.

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function onPickupHitFunction ( thePlayer )
	if getPickupType ( source ) ~= 2 then return end   -- if the pickup is no weapon, stop
	local ammo = getPickupAmmo ( source )              -- get the amount of ammo
	local weapon = getPickupWeapon ( source )          -- get the weapon of the pickup
	outputChatBox ( "You just picked up a " .. getWeaponNameFromID(weapon) .. " with " .. ammo .. " ammo", thePlayer ) -- output a message to the player
addEventHandler ( "onPickupHit", root, onPickupHitFunction ) -- add an event handler for onPickupHit

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