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The Shoreside Vale island is a new addition to GTA3:MTA, added in version 0.5. Shoreside Vale has two things different from the other GTA3:MTA islands: the character selection screen, and jumping height is increased. When you jump, you go farther and higher than you normally would. This was implemented to dodge car-killers.


Model: Kenji Kasen
Spawn location: Pike Creek

GTA3 SSV YakuzaSpawn.jpg

Model: Miguel
Spawn location: Cedar Grove

GTA3 SSV ColumbianSpawn.jpg

Southside Hoods
Model: 8-Ball
Spawn location: Witchita Gardens

GTA3 SSV HoodSpawn.jpg

Model: Pedestrian Cop
Spawn location: Pike Creek

GTA3 SSV CopSpawn.jpg


You can also choose from a range of different weapons before spawning.

GTA3 Uzi.png

An Uzi is selected by default in the character selction menu. This is a good all-around weapon.

GTA3 Flame.png

The Flamethrower is a popular choice, although flamethrowing players are often unpopular with other players. This is more suited to close-range combat. Some will even ban people who use the flamethrower to kill.

GTA3 AK47.png

The AK-47 is suitable for long-range combat.

GTA3 Shotgun.png

The most common choice is the Shotgun. Shotgun duels are frequent, and take advantage of "shotgun jumping." This is when you shoot the opponent, jump over to the opponent, then shoot him while he's on the ground. This normally results in an instant kill.


Within the five different Ammunation locations, you can choose to take a taxi for $50 to the Game Mode selection screen. The game modes are:

Mta05 speed.JPG

There is a bus parked outside Francis International Airport. Get in it. Once you hit 50MPH, the timer starts. You must maintain a speed of at least 50MPH, otherwise the bus will explode. Other players will try to make you blow up before reaching your target.
Reward: $3000

GTA3 SSV VanHeist.jpg

Van Heist
Very similar to the mission ("Van Heist") given to you by Joey Leone in single player GTAIII. You must jack a Securicar from the airport and bring it to a selected location.
Reward: $5000


Grand Theft Auto
Steal a car from a rival gang leader and bring it to your base. Cops do not participate in this gamemode.

GTA3 SSV Ransack.jpg

A warehouse was once used as a firearms storage. Collect the firearms before time runs out!

SSV Scramble.png

Shoreside Scramble
A race around Shoreside Vale with up to three other players. Similar to the "Turismo" game mode on the other two islands.