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>extend magnetwheels functionality
|    -different modes, detect near ground and walls
----->camera fixes ... ?
|    |    -remove quick changing, flickering
|    |    -possibility to deactivate, maybe request it
|    -remove ability to use it as a way of flying
>extend xxxs functionality if playing animations backwards becomes possible
|    -user controls, mime hot coffee... if i get permission to do so lols
|    -maybe add female part too, multiplayer like
|    -camera
>add new features to scoreboard
----->click players and get options what to do, PM, votekick, etc.
|    |    export a function to include new fields, for admin kick, band, spectate and such
|    -clientside settings
|    -request name column to become smaller or shrink, or code and submit patch for it
>spacecowboys gamemode
|    -to much to do to list it here
>dark resource
|    -let this become a stealth map or something with included lua to make it "dark" ;P
|    -set the timer correctly so the darkness rectangle doesnt stack and activate, deactivate correctly for goggles
|    -somehow add a hint that goggles are really useful on this map so more people take it on stealth start
|    -get the original facts when which sound is played
|    -clean up code... -argh
|    -better quality for some sounds
|    -remove headshot code and include it instead, offer setting for sniper 1 hit kill or put it in an own resource
|    -a help file..??
|    -possibility to dis include resource types in resource list so servers with many maps have a better survey of their resources
|    -fix autologin option somehow
|    -maybe help getting rid of warnings, errors and bring back its old functionality
>lag compensation
|    -maybe ask talidan for a fix and an included testing session
|    -search for the revision its uselessness is caused by
|    -testing between dp2.3 and current
>find cause for currently emerging BAD DESYNC
>bullet holes and scratches for cars script
----->fix overlapping (for a later release)
|    |    -make it work
|    |    -make it look smooth
|    |    -find a good way to implement this, test CAREFULLY
|    -release it
|    -ask for it to become part of optional resources
|    -cycling between own stand alone resources which play the music, so you dont need to download all of them at once
>external http download issue?!
|    -sound volume depending on distance
|    -when closer longer blind, when far away only for short time
|    -depending where on screen it is
|    -bug with rocketlauncher and sniper aim
|    -dxrectangle instead, find a way to combine it with sound blending
|    -optimize the size for all resolutions
|    -create a how to use guide
|    -add some examples
|    -release
|    -check for doors to replace (because of new dynamic objects)
|    -release them
|    -finish hallway and add security cams
|    -add some celebration sounds in the end
>beg for community login, 3d scene and credits scene to come back