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(Marco Kunz)

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  • Born 19th February 1993
  • MTA user and scripter since 2010
  • Gamemodder since ... too long ago


Most important creations

  • Some modifications for X³- Terran Conflict (X³ - The Jupiter Incident mod is the biggest,
  • Some modifications for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (Biggest ones: Devastation Weapon Modification, Star Wars Weapons Mod, found on
  • Small other Mods or Maps for many different games (Rome Total War, Thunder Brigade, Empire Earth, Crashday, IL-2 Sturmovik and maybe some others i forgot over years)
  • Many scripts and some W.I.P. giant maps for Multi Theft Auto
  • Creator of the famous SAAW Zombie Server (R.I.P. 2011) and creator of SAAW World War 2, work in progress since 2011

What is he doing now?

After giving up the SAAW Zombie Server 2011 i started working on something new, i thought about World War 2 setting in MTA. Unfortunately MTA 1.0.3 was not far enough for my plans so i had to wait until MTA gets further developed. Almost 3 years later, at the end of 2013, i decided to continue my work because i have seen the great progress MTA has made (1.3.5).

SAAW World War 2 has been released in 24th May, 2016 and gets continous updates.