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MTA's Stunt game mode has been around since version 0.2.2 of MTA:VC.

The aim of this game mode is to earn money via stunting. There are many spawn locations, each with different types of vehicles. There are no weapons in this gamemode.


The initial release of Stunt was rather basic. It had 6 skins (versus the 7 of 0.5's Stunt), and featured only simple ramp placement.

MTA:VC 0.3 added additional ramps and fixed a rather nasty crash which plagued passengers that were exiting vehicles.

MTA:VC 0.4 synchronized money on the scoreboard, and fixed a rare issue on slower computers.

MTA:VC 0.5 was a rather major update. All vehicles and ramps were repositioned, RC Bandits were added, and some vehicles now had nitro enabled, bringing a new element to the stagnant Stunt gamemode.

The future of MTA:VC (and 0.5 in general) is uncertain. Previously, plans were to have GTA3 and VC run on the Blue core, but plans seem to have dissipated. A future release of the 0.x core is also uncertain.

0.5 Stunt

In the current version of MTA:VC Stunt (0.5, at the time of writing), there are 7 playable spawns and a spectator mode.

The spectator mode is somewhat unstable, though it has proven to be useful for server administrators.

  • Yuppies - Spawn inside the multistory parking garage in Ocean Beach.
  • Dirt Racers - Spawn outside of the Stadium.
    Dirt Racers
  • Bikers - Spawn in the parking lot behind the Malibu club.
  • Speeders - Spawn at the parking lot near the Escobar International Airport.
  • Packer Driver - Spawn at Downtown in the large parking lot near the Biker Bar.
    Packer Driver
  • Fun House Dept. - Spawns at North Point Mall's multistory parking garage.
    Fun House Dept.
  • Heli Pilot - Spawn at the Escobar International Airport runway.
    Heli Pilot
  • Spectator - This mode is used to simply watch other players, you don't spawn anywhere.