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This function finds a team element using the provided team name.


team getTeamFromName ( string teamName )

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Method: Team.getFromName(...)

Required Arguments

  • teamName: A string determining the name of the team you wish to find.


Returns the team element if it was found, false otherwise.


This example creates a team, and sets the player's team to it's partial name:

-- Creates a red team
createTeam("Red", 255, 0, 0)

function joinRedTeam (source)
	local redteam = getTeamFromName("Red")
	if (redteam) then -- If the team was successfully created
		-- Sets the player's team by getting the partial name of the red team.
		setPlayerTeam(client, readteam)
		outputChatBox("You are now in the 'Red' team", source)
		outputChatBox("Sorry, we can't set your team. An error occurred!", source)

--Add console command to join the team when 'joinTeam' is typed.
addCommandHandler("jointeam", joinRedTeam)

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