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Blood splatter

Creates a blood splatter particle effect.


bool fxAddBlood ( float posX, float posY, float posZ, float dirX, float dirY, float dirZ [, int count = 1, float brightness = 1.0 ] )

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Method: Effect.addBlood(...)

Required Arguments

  • posX, posY, posZ: the world coordinates where the effect originates.
  • dirX, dirY, dirZ: a direction vector indicating where the blood flies to.

Optional Arguments

NOTE: When using optional arguments, you might need to supply all arguments before the one you wish to use. For more information on optional arguments, see optional arguments.

  • count: the number of flying droplets to create.
  • brightness: the brightness. Ranges from 0 (almost black) to 1 (normal color).


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This example creates blood effects when a player gets shot.

function BloodonDamage( attacker, weapon, bodypart, loss )
   if loss > 25 then -- if the player loses more than 25 hp, then...
      local x, y, z = getElementPosition( source ) -- get player's position for adding blood
      local randombloodamount = math.random( 1, 3 ) -- random blood amount 1-3
      fxAddBlood ( x, y, z-2, 0.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000, randombloodamount, 1 )
      -- this adds blood to player's current position
addEventHandler( "onClientPlayerDamage", root, BloodonDamage ) -- calls the function when a player loses hp

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