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This function gets information about various internal datum


table dxGetStatus ( )


Returns a table with the following entries:

  • TestMode : The current dx test mode. See dxSetTestMode.
  • VideoCardName : The name of the graphics card.
  • VideoCardRAM : The installed memory in MB of the graphics card.
  • VideoCardPSVersion : The maximum pixel shader version of the graphics card.
  • VideoCardMaxAnisotropy: The maximum anisotropic filtering available. (0-4 which respectively mean: off,2x,4x,8x,16x)
  • VideoCardNumRenderTargets: The maximum number of simultaneous render targets a shader can use.
  • VideoMemoryFreeForMTA : The amount of memory in MB available for MTA to use. When this gets to zero, guiCreateFont, dxCreateFont and dxCreateRenderTarget will fail.
  • VideoMemoryUsedByFonts : The amount of graphic memory in MB used by custom fonts.
  • VideoMemoryUsedByTextures : The amount of graphic memory in MB used by textures.
  • VideoMemoryUsedByRenderTargets : The amount of graphic memory in MB used by render targets.
  • SettingWindowed : The windowed setting. (true/false)
  • SettingFullScreenStyle : Display style when in full screen mode. (0-2 which respectively mean: Standard, Borderless window, Borderless keep res)
  • SettingFXQuality : The FX Quality. (0-3)
  • SettingDrawDistance : The draw distance setting. (0-100)
  • SettingVolumetricShadows : The volumetric shadows setting. (true/false)
  • SettingStreamingVideoMemoryForGTA : The usable graphics memory setting. (64-256)
  • SettingAnisotropicFiltering: The anisotropic filtering setting. (0-4 which respectively mean: off,2x,4x,8x,16x)
  • SettingAntiAliasing: The anti-aliasing setting. (0-3 which respectively mean: off,1x,2x,3x)
  • SettingHeatHaze: The heat haze setting. (true/false)
  • SettingGrassEffect: The grass effect setting. (true/false)
  • Setting32BitColor: The color depth of the screen. (false is 16bit, true is 32bit)
  • SettingHUDMatchAspectRatio: The hud match aspect ratio setting (true/false)
  • SettingAspectRatio: The aspect ratio setting ("auto", "4:3", "16:10", "16:9")
  • SettingFOV: The FOV setting
  • SettingHighDetailVehicles: High detail vehicles setting (true/false).
  • SettingHighDetailPeds: High detail peds setting (true/false).
  • AllowScreenUpload : The allows screen uploads setting. (true/false)
  • DepthBufferFormat: The format of the shader readable depth buffer, or 'unknown' if not available
  • UsingDepthBuffer: true if the depth buffer is used, false otherwise


addCommandHandler( "getinfo",
	function( )
		local info = dxGetStatus( )
		for k, v in pairs( info ) do
			outputChatBox( k .. " : " .. tostring( v ) )


Version Description
1.3.0-9.04715 Added DepthBufferFormat argument
1.3.0-9.04811 Added VideoCardMaxAnisotropy, SettingAnisotropicFiltering, SettingAntiAliasing,
SettingHeatHaze, SettingGrassEffect and Setting32BitColor arguments
1.3.4-9.05731 Added SettingHUDMatchAspectRatio and SettingAspectRatio
1.4.1-9.07181 Added SettingFOV
1.4.1-9.07310 Added VideoCardNumRenderTargets
1.5.2-9.07816 Added UsingDepthBuffer
1.5.3-9.11199 Added SettingHighDetailVehicles
1.5.5-9.11814 Added SettingFullScreenStyle
Fixed SettingWindowed

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