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Fire with default size (1.8)

Creates a patch of fire that will spread a bit and die out after a while. Because it's a client side only function, other players won't see it, so custom events or custom objects will be needed to make a fire visible to some players.


bool createFire ( float x, float y, float z [, float size = 1.8 ] )

Required Arguments

  • x, y, z: the coordinates when the initial patch of fire will be created.

Optional Arguments

  • size: a float value indicating the size of the initial patch of fire. It will also make the fire to stay alive more or less time.


Returns true if successful, false if bad arguments were passed or the limit of active fires was reached. There can be a maximum of 60 active fires.


This example adds a /fire command, which creates a patch of fire in the position of the player that types it.

local function burn(commandName, theSize)
   if tonumber(theSize) then
        local x, y, z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer())
        createFire(x, y, z, tonumber(theSize))
        outputChatBox("Burn, buuuuurn >:]")
        outputChatBox("Syntax: /fire <size>")
addCommandHandler("fire", burn)

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