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Contributions to MTA: SA Source Code

The contribution I am most proud of is givePedWeapon client side as it allowed us to hack fix server side peds and have client side missions.

Some of the newer commits:

But my biggest contributions to the source code is all the testing, bug reporting and mantis organising that allowed the wonderful and gifted MTA developers to have more time doing what they do best.

Contributions to The Wiki

Documented 74 of the functions and events and many other things like a lot of the Changes in X (which I started with Changes_in_1.1) over these past 8 great years.

Contributions to MTA: SA Resources

[fastrope] Fixed being able to fall from super high and not get hurt.

[parachute] Reduced bandwidth usage by having a list of animations and sending a number to setElementData instead of a string.

Fixed #7278 (Freeroam animations hotkeys)

Fixed #6879 (Freecam (editor) binds hard keys w,s,a,d causes difficulties on other keyboards than qwerty (azerty, bepo, dvorak etc.))

Fixed not spawning with spawnmanager if string is passed to spawn player instead of a team, like in CTF.

Slight optimization in the parachute resource server side

Fixed a security vulnerability in admin panel

Fixed #7815 (Votekick abuse: 120 sec votekick period can be bypassed by nickname change)

Fixed fall out spectating

Fixed server side fallout exported functions

Made it really hard to instant reload exploit

Fixed #7674 (Temporary mute becomes permanent when admin is restarted)

Added an option to acpanel which will switch a players model rather than having to totally block them

Fixed #7425 (Make objects, created by editor, have LOD model preinstalled)

Fixed #4767 (Race EDF - Can't enter pickup properties GUI)

Fixed #7311 (Map editor doesn't load object properly but race gamemode does.)

Fixed #7509 (Weapon model changes to 1337 after saving/loading some times)

Created the ingame performance browser

Fixed #7405 (Some settings aren't reset when you start a new map after working in another)

Fixed #7394 (Votemanager can't start votekick, votekill or voteban, if the player, who we want to vote, name contains 1 character.)

Reduced the size of map files by rounding position attributes to 5 decimal and rotation to 3 as you won't even see a change in position or rotation even on a large object.

Cleansed admin of the redundant guiSetInputEnabled replacing it with guiSetInputMode("no_binds_when_editing")

Fixed #7338: (Selecting players no longer works)

Fixed #7308 (Locked Time isn't set correctly)

Fixed #7351 (Make camera face haystack after player dies for walking away)

Fixed #7353 (setpos command parameter check)

Fixed optional arguments of setFreecamEnabled()

Fixed #7317 (Freecam locks causing to make game play impossible) and fixed debugs too.

Fixed #7300 (Copying a scaled object resets the object scale back to 1)

Fixed #5436 (Stealth Gamemode Contains Debug After Team Choice)

Fixed #6706 (Fixed Freecam) and some other little fixes.

Fixed #7275 (Gamemode Settings are not in Test When no Save Before Test)

Fixed debug spam after using properties pull out delete button.

Fixed #7277 (Add object collisions option)

Fixed #6704 (Add a scale option for the map editor)

Fixed #6612 (cannot save data "Invert Mouse Look")

Fixed #5791 (Placing peds)

Fixed #7091 (Map settings change to default after map testing.)

Fixed #6723 (RGB Color Picker For Vehicles)

Fixed server settings tab in options not showing up when using Map Editor from main menu.

Fixed game mode stopper by moving it to a resource that has stopResource access.

Fixed a reload exploit where you could jump and then reload for an instant reload.

Fixed #6775 (Freeroam: sorting bug)

Fixed #6522 (No "Set Nick" ACL right and permission check in "admin" resource)

Admin: Added nick change anti spam option.

Freeroam: Added an option to prevent chat spam and an option to prevent repeat messages.

Editor: Fixed saving of changed IDs

Editor: Fixed the annoying bug when auto save makes the save-as window appear but does not stop moving the mouse look around the world violently.

Fixed #6266 (CTV: Can capture the vehicle in any teams base)

Fixed #6292 (Progress indicator for loading procedures)

Fixed #4059 (Make test mode only start for the player who pressed F5 or the test button)

Fixed #4381 (Can't change the position of an object any longer.)

Fixed #6269 (The resource "maplimits" has a bug that eats up more and more resources.)

Fixed #4793 (You cannot select trains in the map editor)

Added RGB vehicle colors and headlight colors to freeroam with thanks to ryden for making the color picker and Ransom's assistance in making it work.

Upgrading from deprecated functions (setVehicleFrozen and setPedFrozen)

Fixed #6090 (Cloned objects don't keep the doublesided attribute)

Removing redundant localPlayer defines (now predefined in MTA)

Changed encoding of all files to UTF-8

Added special skins to freeroam.

Fixed #5590 (map settings ignored in test mode)

Added trailers to map editor.

Fixed #6255 (Saving, loading, problems)

Fixed #6211: [Freeroam] /cv is missing interior and dimension update.

Fixed #4855 (briefcaserace edf: player spawn point looks weird)

Fixed #6073 (Create vehicle error)

Fixed #5643 (editor: I can't open any map)

Fixed #6043 (Lag during startup)

resourcemanager: Added #6025 (Normal date in resource manager)

Fixed (#6009: Editor Cannot Delete Objects)

Fixed: #5974 ("is not a valid map" output is misleading

Fixed #5946 (play: Some crucial gameplay elements are not defaulted)

Fixed #5969: (add optional rotation argument to setpos (aka sp))

deathpickups: Optimizations, thanks to changes in 1.0.4 all the client code to get a players weapons can be done on the server.

Fixed #5882 (editor_main: Too long execution error when saving maps)

Fixed #5795 (Admin: Temporary hang on switch to "Resources" tab if you've got a lot of resources)

admin: Added special skins

Fixed #5915 (resourcebrowser: Get rid of popup when using restart button)