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This function allows retrieval of the position of a text item.


float float textItemGetPosition ( textitem theTextItem )              

Required Arguments

  • theTextItem: The textitem you wish to retrieve the position of


Returns two floats of the x and y position on the screen, where the maximum value is 1.0.


This example creates a text item 'myTextItem' only if the text item 'otherTextItem' is not in the same position, to prevent overlap. If it is in the same position, then it moves it down.

function MyTestTextFunction ()
myDisplay = textCreateDisplay ( )                   -- create a text display
textDisplayAddObserver ( myDisplay, myPlayer )      -- make it visible to the player
x,y = textItemGetPosition ( otherTextItem )         -- get the position of 'otherTextItem'
if ( x == 0.5 ) and ( y == 0.5 ) then               -- if the x and y of the text item are in the middle
    textItemSetPosition ( otherTextItem, 0.5, 0.6 ) -- move otherTextItem down
myTextItem = textCreateTextItem ( "Hello world!", 0.5, 0.5 ) -- create a new textitem in the middle saying "Hello world"
textDisplayAddText ( myDisplay, myTextItem )                 -- and add it to the text display

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