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This function is used to set a team's name.


bool setTeamName ( team theTeam, string newName )

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Method: team:setName(...)
Variable: .name
Counterpart: getTeamName

Required Arguments

  • theTeam: The team you want to change the name of.
  • newName: A string representing the name you want the team to be called.


Returns true if the team was valid and the name was changed, false otherwise.


This example gets the current team of a player, then changes its name.

function changeMyTeamName ( source, key, newName )
    playerteam = getPlayerTeam ( source )            -- get the player's team
    if ( playerteam ) then                           -- if he was on a team
        oldName = getTeamName ( playerteam )         -- get the teams current name
        setTeamName ( playerteam, newName )          -- change the teams name to blue
        outputChatBox ( "Changed " .. getPlayerName ( source ) .. "'s team name from " .. oldName .. " to " .. newName )
addCommandHandler ( "changeteamname", changeMyTeamName )

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