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Sets the current animation progress of a player or ped.


bool setPedAnimationProgress ( ped thePed [, string anim, float progress ] )

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Method: ped:setAnimationProgress(...)

Required Arguments

  • thePed: the player or ped you want to change animation progress.

Optional Arguments

  • anim: the animation name currently applied to ped, if not supplied, the animation will stop
  • progress: current animation progress you want to apply, value from 0.0 to 1.0, if not supplied will default to 0.0


Returns true if successful, false otherwise.


This example creates a ped, apply animation to it, and "freeze" the animation at half of overall animation time.

function animRender( ped1 )
    setPedAnimationProgress( ped1, "M_SMKSTND_LOOP", 0.5 )
    setTimer( animRender, 50, 1, ped1 )

function makePed( )
    local ped1 = createPed( 56, 1, 1, 4 )
    setPedAnimation( ped1, "SMOKING", "M_SMKSTND_LOOP" )
    setTimer ( animRender, 50, 1, ped1 )
addCommandHandler( "makemyped", makePed )


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