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This event is triggered when a player starts to exit a vehicle. This event can be used to cancel exit, if necessary.


player exitingPlayer, int seat, player jacked, int door
  • exitingPlayer: a player element representing the player who is starting to exit a vehicle.
  • seat: an int representing the seat in which the player is exiting from.
  • jacked: a player element representing who is jacking.
  • door: an int representing the door that the player is using to leave.


The source of this event is the vehicle in which a player began to exit.


If this event is canceled, the player will not exit the vehicle.


This example locks a player inside a police vehicle if he is a policeman.

local policeVehicles = {[598] = true,[596] = true,[597] = true,[599] = true } -- Police vehicle IDs
local policeSkins = {[280] = true,[281] = true,[282] = true,[283] = true,[284] = true,[285] = true,[286] = true } -- Police Skins
function exitVehicle ( thePlayer, seat, jacked ) 
   if (policeVehicles[getElementModel (source)]) and (policeSkins[getElementModel(thePlayer)]) then 
      outputChatBox ( "You're the cop! Don't exit the car!", thePlayer )  
addEventHandler ( "onVehicleStartExit", getRootElement(), exitVehicle)

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