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Reason(s): Cancellation of event has no effect. detachTrailerFromVehicle in the event doesn't work either, 50 ms timer is effective.

This event is triggered when a trailer is attached to a truck or when a tow truck hooks on to a vehicle.


vehicle theTruck
  • theTruck: the truck vehicle that got attached to this trailer.


The source of this event is the trailer vehicle that the truck got attached to.

Cancel effect

[[|link=]] Warning: Doesn't appear to work.

If this event is canceled, the trailer will detach from the truck again.


This example removes a trailer from the truck it is attached to. Good if you do not want people attaching trailers to vehicles

function detachTrailer(theTruck)
    --detachTrailerFromVehicle(theTruck, source) --detach the newly attached trailer
    -- Immediate detatchment of the trailer through cancel event or this method doesn't seem to work so requires a timer:
    setTimer(detachTrailer2, 50, 1, theTruck, source)
addEventHandler("onTrailerAttach", getRootElement(), detachTrailer)

function detachTrailer2(theTruck, trailer)
    if (isElement(theTruck) and isElement(trailer)) then
        detachTrailerFromVehicle(theTruck, trailer)

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