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This event is triggered whenever the local player finishes a vehicle stunt.


string stuntType, int stuntTime, float stuntDistance
  • stuntType: the type of stunt the player just performed. Valid types are:
    • 2wheeler
    • wheelie
    • stoppie
  • stuntTime: the number of miliseconds the stunt lasted.
  • stuntDistance: the distance traveled while doing the stunt.


The source of this event is the local player.


This is a simple stunt script which tells player what stunt he/she started and finished, time the stunt taken to perform and distance travelled while stunting.

addEventHandler( "onClientPlayerStuntStart", getRootElement( ),
    function ( stuntType )
        outputChatBox( "You started stunt: " .. stuntType );

addEventHandler( "onClientPlayerStuntFinish", getRootElement( ),
    function ( stuntType, stuntTime, distance )
        outputChatBox( "You finished stunt: " .. stuntType ..", Time: " .. tostring( stuntTime ) .. ", Distance: " .. tostring( distance ) );

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