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This event is triggered whenever a ped is damaged.

[[{{{image}}}|link=]] Note: This event is only triggered for peds that are streamed in


element attacker, int weapon, int bodypart [, float loss ]
  • attacker: A player element representing the attacker or vehicle element (when a ped falls of a bike).
  • weapon: An integer representing the weapon ID the attacker used
  • bodypart: An integer representing the bodypart the ped was damaged
  • 3: Torso
  • 4: Ass
  • 5: Left Arm
  • 6: Right Arm
  • 7: Left Leg
  • 8: Right Leg
  • 9: Head
  • loss: A float representing the percentage of health the ped lost.


The source of this event is the ped that got damaged

Cancel effect

If this event is canceled, then any damaging effects to the ped will cease.


This example cancels any damage done to peds

function cancelPedDamage ( attacker )
	cancelEvent() -- cancel any damage done to peds
addEventHandler ( "onClientPedDamage", getRootElement(), cancelPedDamage )


Issue ID Description
#8082 (Fixed in r9762) Custom weapons don't fully work with onClientPlayerDamage

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