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This function is intended to load data from a loaded XML file into the element tree. This could be used for loading an external map, or part of another map.


element loadMapData ( xmlnode node, element parent )  

Required Arguments

  • node: The node that you wish to load into the element tree.
  • parent: The node you wish to be the parent of the new map data.


Returns an element object that corresponds to the root of the new data added, i.e. an element that represents the node xmlnode passed to the function. Returns false if the arguments are invalid.


This example is a function that you could use to load an arbitary map file into the element tree.

function loadMapFile ( filename )
	node = getResourceConfig ( filename )
	-- Check if the file was loaded ok
	if ( node ) then
		-- Load the loaded xml file into the element tree
		loadMapData ( node, getRootElement() )
		-- Unload the xml file again
		xmlUnloadFile ( node )

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