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This function checks whether OOP (Object Oriented Programming) is enabled in the current resource or not.


bool isOOPEnabled ( )


Returns true or false if OOP is enabled or not. Returns nil if an error arised.


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This shared (clientside and serverside) example outputs if OOP is enabled when the resource which contains it starts, and teleports a random player 10 units left if so.
local function checkOOPStatus()
   if isOOPEnabled() then
        outputChatBox("* OOP is enabled! Welcome to matrices' paradise.", getRandomPlayer and root or 0, getRandomPlayer and 0 or 255, getRandomPlayer and 255 or 0, getRandomPlayer and 0 or nil)
        local player
        if getRandomPlayer then -- Are we executed serverside?
            player = Player.getRandom() -- Make it easy, use OOP to get a random player
            local players = getElementsByType("player")
            if #players > 0 then -- Is the server empty?
                player = players[math.random(1, #players)]  -- Get a random player using player elements table
        if not player then
            return -- We don't have a player. Cancel further execution of this function.
        player.position = player.position + player.matrix.left * 10 -- Move him 10 units left, taking into account rotation
        outputChatBox( .. " was moved 10 meters left as a demostration of OOP capabilities!", getRandomPlayer and root or 180, 180, getRandomPlayer and 180 or 255, getRandomPlayer and 255 or nil)
        outputChatBox("* OOP is disabled! You should like the good ol' tables.", getRandomPlayer and root or 255, getRandomPlayer and 255 or 140, getRandomPlayer and 140 or 0, getRandomPlayer and 0 or nil)
checkOOPStatus() -- Execute this at resource start

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