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This function checks whether an element is currently streamed in (not virtualized) and are actual GTA objects in the world. You can force an element to be streamed in using setElementStreamable.


bool isElementStreamedIn ( element theElement )

Required Arguments

  • theElement: The element to check whether is streamed in or not.


Returns true if the passed element is currently streamed in, false if it is virtualized.


This command shows you how many objects you have streamed in.

function checkTheObjects ( cmd )
	local amount = 0 -- When starting the command, we don't have any objects looped.
	for k,v in ipairs ( getElementsByType ( "object" ) ) do -- Looping all the objects in the server
		if isElementStreamedIn ( v ) then -- If the object is streamed in
			amount = amount + 1 -- It's an object more streamed in
	outputChatBox ( "You have currently " ..amount.. " objects streamed in." ) -- Send the player the amount of objects that are streamed in
addCommandHandler ( "checkobjects", checkTheObjects )

Note: Objects can already stream from a very long distance, so even when you can't see some objects, they can still be returned.

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