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This function returns the target of the specified projectile.


element getProjectileTarget ( projectile theProjectile )

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Method: projectile:getTarget(...)
Variable: .target

Required Arguments

  • theProjectile: The projectile element which target you want to retrieve.


Returns the element which is the projectile's target if the projectile is valid and can have a target (like a heat-seeking rocket), false otherwise.

If the projectile is a satchel charge, returns the element at which it is glued to (or nil if it isn't glued to any).


This example allows a player to send projectiles at other players.

function projectileCreating(command,targetPlayer)
    local x,y,z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) -- Get the position of the player
    local target = getPlayerFromName(targetPlayer) or nil -- Get the target, or set it to nil if no target specified
    local theProjectile = createProjectile(getLocalPlayer(),20,x,y,z+50,1.0,target)
    if (target) then
        outputChatBox("Created projectile's target: "..getPlayerName(getProjectileTarget(theProjectile)))
        outputChatBox("Created projectile with no target")
addCommandHandler("rocket",projectileCreating) -- Bind the 'rocket' command to projectileCreating function

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