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  • Flash on the menu
  • Translation
  • Move files around - logs to root directory, get rid of the mods directory perhaps.
  • Improve client-side resource cache. Ideas:
    • Store unmodifiable client-side files as with their filename their hash and in a directory which is the first two digits of the hash
    • Store modifiable files separately
    • Keep track of filename and last-use time for each file in sqllite
    • Provide an option to automatically remove files you've not used recently
    • Consider ways to keep modifiable files separate between servers (so server A can't read server B's files) though there are circumstances where this is actually desirable. Possibly a filename prefix could specify that it should be written to a this-server-only directory.
    • Compress files when they're sent to clients
    • Precompile lua files on the server
    • See if we can have a way to make files optional