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This event is triggered when resource setting has been changed. For instance, this event would trigger if you would edit the settings of the Race resource through the Admin panel.


string setting, string oldValue, string newValue
  • setting: The setting which was changed. For instance: "*race.ghostmode"
  • oldValue: The previous value. Please note that this value is in JSON. To get a normal Lua value, use fromJSON
  • newValue: The new value. Also in JSON


The source of this event is the root element.


function makeSettingsChangesVisible ( setting, oldValue, newValue )
whatItWas = fromJSON ( oldValue )
whatItsNow = fromJSON ( newValue )
outputDebugString ( "The setting "..setting.." was "..whatItWas.." and has been changed to "..whatItsNow.."." ) --Making the setting change visible in debug (use /debugscript [number] to see it)

addEventHandler( "onSettingChange", getRootElement(), makeSettingsChangesVisible ) --adding the event

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