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This event is triggered when an elementdata entry for an element changes. A client can perform this change on the element or it can be done using setElementData.


string theName, var theOldValue
  • theName: The name of the element data entry that changed
  • theOldValue: The old value of this entry before it changed. The new value can be accessed using getElementData ( source, theName ).


The source of this event is the element whose elementdata changed.


This example outputs a message to players when any of their element data values is changed.

function outputChange(dataName,oldValue)
	if getElementType(source) == "player" then -- check if the element is a player
		local newValue = getElementData(source,dataName) -- find the new value
		outputChatBox("Your element data '"..tostring(dataName).."' has changed from '"..tostring(oldValue).."' to '"..tostring(newValue).."'",source) -- output the change for the affected player

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