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This event is triggered when a player or a vehicle leaves a collision shape.


element leaveElement, bool matchingDimension
  • leaveElement: The element that who exited the col shape. This can be a player or a vehicle.
  • matchingDimension: a boolean referring to whether the collision shape was in the same dimension as the element.


The source of this event is the colshape that the element no longer is in contact with.


This example kills the player whenever they leave a certain collision shape:

local jailZone = createColCircle ( 1024, 1024, 15 ) -- create a collision shape

-- call 'jailZoneLeave' whenever a player leaves the collision shape:
function jailZoneLeave ( thePlayer )
   if getElementType ( thePlayer ) == "player" then -- if the element that left was player
      killPlayer ( thePlayer ) -- kill the player
      outputChatBox ( "You are not allowed to leave the jail!", thePlayer )
addEventHandler ( "onColShapeLeave", jailZone, jailZoneLeave )

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