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This event is triggered when any text is output to chatbox, including MTA's hardcoded messages.


string text, int r, int g, int b
  • text: The text that was output to chatbox
  • r: The amount of red in the color of the text.
  • g: The amount of green in the color of the text.
  • b: The amount of blue in the color of the text.


The source of this event is either a player element or the root element.

Cancel effect

AS OF 1.3.2 If this event is canceled, the game's chat system won't deliver the posts. You may use outputChatBox to send the messages then.


This example doesn't output anything to chatbox if it consists only of numbers

function onClientChatMessageHandler(text)
	if string.match(text,"%d+") --[[string.match searches for pattern "%d+", means decimals]] == text then -- if string.match and text itself are the same
		cancelEvent() -- don't output it
addEventHandler("onClientChatMessage", getRootElement(), onClientChatMessageHandler)

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