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This functions creates a notification ballon on the desktop.

[[{{{image}}}|link=]] Note: MTA won't show any tray notifications if the MTA window is focused, because there is no reason to show tray notifications if you are ingame. If you want to test this function you should use a Timer and switch to your desktop.
[[{{{image}}}|link=]] Note: You can only show a tray notification every 30 seconds.


bool createTrayNotification ( string notificationText [, string iconType = "default", bool useSound = true ] )

Required Arguments

  • notificationText: The text to send in the notification.

Optional Arguments

  • iconType: The notification icon type. Possible values are: "default" (the MTA icon), "info", "warning", "error"
  • useSound: A boolean value indicating whether or not to play a sound when receiving the notification.


Returns true if the notification is correctly created, false otherwise.


-- Note: You have to wait 30 seconds before showing another tray notification, there is no queuing

-- Show a 'Hello World' notification
createTrayNotification( "Hello World" )

-- Show a notification with a warning symbol
createTrayNotification( "Hello World", "warning" )

-- Show a default notification without sound
createTrayNotification( "Hello World", "default", false )

Example of notification on minimize MTA application

function setTrayOnMinimize( )
     createTrayNotification( "We are waiting for you again...", "warning" )
addEventHandler( "onClientMinimize", getRootElement( ), setTrayOnMinimize )


Version Description
1.5.6-9.16925 Added support for Windows 10

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